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If you have a wall or a ceiling, there’s a cooling system that’s right for you.  No major remodeling to accommodate ductwork, very little mess to install, no losing the view from your window, and yet you’ll enjoy refreshingly cool home temperatures on the hottest day of the year.  That’s the beauty of ductless air conditioning.  Also known as mini-split systems, ductless air conditioning integrates neatly into your living space.  Mounted high on the wall, or even the ceiling, they are both aesthetic and effective, quietly and gently directing temperature controlled air to every corner of the room.  Call Wantuck Comfort Solutions for a consultation in the Chicago area, and our cooling specialists would be happy to design the perfect system to answer your comfort needs.

Ductless mini-splits are a compact central air unit with the flexibility of cooling or heating one room or more.  Comprised of an indoor evaporator and outdoor condensing unit, they cool only the zones you require, so aren’t paying to condition areas that no one is occupying.  Since air handlers are independently controlled and each room enjoys its own thermostat, you’ll be able to satisfy personal preferences, differentiating temperatures room to room.

The outdoor unit can be located as far away as fifty feet from the indoor evaporator.  This allows it to be tucked away in a more advantageous or inconspicuous space.  The indoor air handler can be suspended from the ceiling, mounted flush into a drop ceiling or mounted on a wall.  Average size of an indoor unit is about seven inches deep.

Ductless A/C vs. Retrofitting Ductwork

Retrofitting a home for ductwork necessitates cutting holes in walls, floors, ceilings and even losing precious closet space.  The mess involved can be discouraging.  Mini-splits require a small 3 to 4 inch hole in an exterior wall.  Since there are no ducts leaking treated air, ductless systems lose less than 5% cooling, saving you money in energy consumption.  In conventional systems, ductwork losses can add up to 30% of energy consumption, especially if the ducts are located in unconditioned spaces such as the attic or basement.

Mini-split systems utilize inverter technology, which allows the system to easily adjust its speed to meet the heating and cooling demand of the home.  The sound generated by the indoor air handler is normally between 21 and 30 decibels, about the equivalent of a whisper, and nearly half of a conventional unit’s operational noise.  The outdoor condensing unit averages around 60 decibels, which is the equivalent of a normal conversation.

NATE-Certified A/C Technicians

The NATE-certified technicians from Wantuck Comfort Solutions have the experience, training and tools necessary for easy and proper installation of ductless mini-split systems.  We will take the time to discuss your specific requirements, factor in the size and style of your home, consider any hot or cold spots and temperature concerns before make recommendations.  As a Comfort24-7 Provider our work is 100% guaranteed.  If, at any time within the first two years of installation, you are not completely happy with your ductless mini-split system, we will solve the problem or remove the installed components and refund the installation cost.

Distinguished as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Wantuck Comfort Solutions is able to offer our customers the most energy efficient, dependable and recognized systems on the market today.  For over one hundred years, Carrier has set the standard in home and commercial cooling.  Since American engineer Willis Carrier first invented modern air conditioning, Carrier products have continued to set the bar for competitors.

The Carrier Residential Ductless Series delivers unmatched cooling and heating satisfaction in a compact wall system that fits unobtrusively into any home design.  You get the best of both worlds.  A staggering energy efficiency of up to 23 SEER guarantees substantial savings in monthly cooling costs, while impressive HSPF ratings of up to 10.0 delivers the ultimate in heating efficiency.  Ultra quiet, this versatile heat pump features a wireless remote so you can adjust temperature settings from the comfort of your favorite armchair.  Five fan speeds and turbo-mode, for when you need to raise or lower temperature quickly, make Carrier Ductless the perfect choice for heating and cooling without the major renovation of installing ductwork.

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