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Heating InstallationDon’t allow the winter chill to dictate the comfort level of your home.  During the most brutal drops in temperature, you can stay warm and toasty at an affordable price.  When you schedule installation with Wantuck Comfort Solutions, you’ll benefit from our industry-leading partnership, unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction and expert knowledge.  We strive to find new ways to improve customer satisfaction.

Great strides have been made in the HVAC industry, improving temperature control, boosting efficiency levels and tackling the concern of indoor air quality.  If your home is too dry, your heating equipment may not be achieving proper humidity control, leading to static shocks, dry skin, and bloody noses.  A properly installed, well-maintained heating system can significantly improve indoor air quality.  Advancements in filter design have significantly decreases the level of indoor dust and particulates, including allergens and even airborne indoor mold.  High-efficiency heating equipment also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, to better serve the environment.

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Installing a new heating system in your home isn’t a guarantee to better comfort or reduced energy costs.  If the HVAC installer cuts corners or fails to take accurate measurements, you could be throwing heating dollars straight out the window.  At Wantuck Comfort Solutions we check and double-check the big and little things that mean a lot.  We’ll make sure there’s sufficient access space around your unit for proper ventilation.  We’ll check ductwork for mastic tape around every joint to prevent air from leaking out.  Poorly designed ductwork and improper sized equipment will cause you problems every day.  If sheet metal fittings to connect the new furnace are not done correctly, air can leak or even be restricted, causing premature failure of your brand new system.  Our licensed heating specialists having the experience and technical know-how to maximize the benefits of your investment, rewarding your with reliable comfort season after season.

Sizing the right heating equipment to your style of home is essential to efficient and lasting performance.  In the majority of homes, furnaces are larger than necessary.  Not only does a larger furnace cost more to purchase, it will frequently cycle on and off, wearing on components, wasting energy and resulting in fluctuating temperatures.  Larger furnaces also require larger air ducts, which may contribute to noisy airflow.  An overly small furnace won’t keep your home comfortable in extremely cold weather.  The NATE-certified technicians from Wantuck Comfort Solutions will take the time to calculate your heating requirements according to industry standards.  We’ll factor in the climate and size, design and construction of your home to design the perfect system for your unique needs.

New heating systems save energy.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) determines the actual, annual average efficiency of a piece of heating equipment.  As determined by the US Department of Energy, the minimum AFUE allowable for furnaces sold in the United States is 78%.  The higher the number, the more heat the furnace can squeeze from each therm of gas.  The price of a furnace typically rises with AFUE percentage, but you can recover the additional cost through lower fuel bills over the life of the furnace.

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Wantuck Comfort Solutions offers the premiere choice in home heating.  Unmatched in efficiency and durability, the Carrier Infinity Series Gas Furnaces are ENERGY STAR certified in all sizes and deliver up to 96.7% AFUE.  Variable-speed blower technology, fully insulated cabinet, and two-stage gas valve promote extremely quiet operational noise.  Low stage operation 90% of the time guarantees maximum energy efficiency.  Aluminized steel clamshell-style primary heat exchanger and stainless steel fin-and-tube designed secondary heat exchanger contribute to system toughness and lasting power. When we install one of our premiere furnaces, you will wonder how you lived without one for so long.

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Not only are Carrier systems built right, you can be confident your heating equipment is installed and serviced properly when you do business with a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer.  Wantuck Comfort Solutions is also a Comfort24-7 Provider.  The 100% Comfort Guarantee covers every service we perform, ensuring you complete peace of mind.  You’ll never be left waiting for a Wantuck Comfort Solutions technician to arrive.  We’ll protect your home and property from harm, dirt and debris.  Our fully licensed and insured technicians are background checked and drug-screened.  Our New System Installation Guarantee protects your new system, and if you are not entirely satisfied within two years of the installation date, Wantuck Comfort Solutions will fix the issue at no charge or remove the installed component and refund the price of installation.

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Our goal is to provide a rewarding experience before, during and after all work we perform.  Wantuck Comfort Solutions takes pride in providing economical and quality comfort solutions to La Grange IL, Riverside IL, Oak Lawn IL, Summit IL, Palos Heights IL & Chicago, IL.  Keeping warm this winter shouldn’t be something to worry about.  We want you to take your home comfort for granted.  At Wantuck Comfort Solutions we make it easy and affordable.  Call us at (773) 349-9735 for complete temperature control.

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