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A hot shower is an important part of your day, and you certainly don’t want to do without it.  From laundry to dishes to cleaning, you count on ample availability of hot water.  When you’re hot water tank malfunctions, you’re in desperate need of a solution.  If it’s time for replacement, too many brands and too many sizes can make the choice confusing.  The specialists from Wantuck Comfort Solutions will walk you through everything you need to know about purchasing, installing and maintaining a water heater.  From gas to electric, proper sizing, efficiency and recovery rate, we’ll make it simple, so you can relax and enjoy a worry-free, long and luxurious shower.

When selecting a new hot water heater for your home, you want a system that will provide sufficient hot water and do so efficiently, saving you money.  ENERGY STAR  qualified gas storage water heaters are a good choice for cost savings, performance and dependability.  Choosing an ENERGY STAR certified gas storage water heater, instead of a standard model, can save you approximately $40 per year.  At Wantuck Comfort Solutions, we offer a wide variety of size, fuel source and ENERGY STAR rated hot water heaters.

Consider a high-efficiency gas storage unit if replacing a gas storage water heater.  Although high-efficiency costs a little more up front, you’ll reduce water heating bills by about 7%.  If you often run out of hot water, you may want to consider a gas condensing unit.  While you’ll need adequate space to accommodate a condensate drain and venting, you’ll reduce water heating bills by about 30%.  Talk to your Wantuck Comfort Solutions heating technicians to determine the ideal solutions for your household’s hot water requirements.

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To supply your household with plenty of hot water and to maximize efficiency, you need a properly sized water heater.   The specialists from Wantuck Comfort Solutions will correctly size your water heater by using the first hour rating.  The first hour rating is the number of gallons of hot water the heater can supply per hour and depends on tank capacity, source of heat and size of the burner or element.  The greater your household’s demand for hot water, the higher recovery rate you require.

When you call Wantuck Comfort Solutions, we will determine height and width to ensure sufficient space is available for installation.  We will guide you through the variety of options to outfit your home with the idea solution for your needs, taking into consideration the size of your family and utilities in your area.  Bigger isn’t necessarily better.  Oversized water heating systems come with a higher price tag and increase your energy costs, due to greater standby energy losses.  Cheaper isn’t necessarily the best choice, since the least expensive model may cost more to operate and maintain over a shorter lifespan.

You rely on your water heater day in and day out, year after year.  Choosing a unit that will withstand heavy demand, keep energy costs under control and live up to your expectations for hot water supply and system longevity, isn’t something to take lightly.  You need plenty of information, quality products and the right people to ensure proper installation.  When you call Wantuck Comfort Solutions, we put our experience, training and product knowledge to work for you.  We take pride in doing the job right, providing fair pricing and ethical practices to our valued customers in La Grange IL, Riverside IL, Oak Lawn IL, Summit IL, Palos Heights IL & Chicago, IL.  Call (773) 349-9735 for all of your hot water needs.

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